Human Osteology (ANTH 464/864 / ARCG 464/864 / E&EB 464): Spring 2018

A lecture and laboratory course focusing on the characteristics of the human skeleton and its use in studies of functional morphology, paleodemography, and paleopathology. Laboratories familiarize students with skeletal parts; lectures focus on the nature of bone tissue, its biomechanical modification, sexing, aging, and interpretation of lesions.

Mammalogy (ANTH 310/810 / E&EB 280): Fall 2017; Animal Diversity Web species accounts

A lecture and laboratory course focusing on the evolution and diversity of mammals, including primates. Lectures will cover the origin, evolutionary history, systematics, morphology, biogeography, physiology, behavior, and ecology of major mammalian lineages. Laboratories will focus on diagnostic morphological features of mammalian groups through examination of museum specimens.

Human Functional Anatomy (ANTH 299): Fall 2011

Regional and systemic anatomy of the human body explored from an evolutionary perspective. Examples from embryology provide a basis for understanding the similarity of human structure to the anatomy of other vertebrates. Discussion of the anatomical bases for functional disorders.

Primate Comparative Anatomy (ANTH 396/896-397L/897): Spring 2010

The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with basic primate anatomy. The focus will be on anatomical variation among the major primate groups. Functional similarities and differences among these groups will be presented in an evolutionary context, and dietary and locomotor adaptations will be highlighted.

Primate Evolution (ANTH 329/829): Spring 2011; Animal Diversity Web species accounts

The evolutionary history of primates from their origin to extant species. Focus on controversies in taxonomy, phylogeny, and functional morphology of fossil and living primates.


Primate Diversity and Evolution (ANTH 335/835 / E&EB 342/842): Spring 2018; Animal Diversity Web species accounts

Examination of the diversity and evolutionary history of living and extinct primates. Focus on major controversies in primate systematics and evolution, including the origins and relationships of several groups. Consideration of both morphological and molecular studies. Morphological diversity and adaptations explored through museum specimens and fossil casts.

Topics & Issues in Evolutionary Theory (ANTH 457/857): Fall 2017

Focus on classic and current literature in theoretical evolutionary biology, intended to give students intensive training in critical analysis of theoretical concepts and in scientific writing.

Primate Functional Morphology (ANTH 815): Spring 2008

Research Methods in Biological Anthropology (ANTH 806): Spring 2006

Topics & Issues in Evolutionary Morphology (ANTH 808): Spring 2007

Topics & Issues in Evolutionary Theory (ANTH 851): Fall 2011

Topics & Issues in Primate Evolution (ANTH 832): Spring 2001

Topics & Issues in Systematics (ANTH 816): Spring 2002